Years ago, you only see a tiara generally worn by little girls or members of royalty. They’re the select group of people expected to wear one except for a blushing bride who has chosen a royalty-themed wedding.

If you dare wear a tiara, especially next year’s spring or summer months, no one’s going to stop you actually. Just check out the following tips on how to don a tiara without looking like a fairy-tale bride at a dinner party or on the streets.

Regular tiaras

A regular tiara can be an awesome accessory, especially in a more formal affair. This tiara is more appropriately worn on events where guests are requested to wear formal attire such as dinner parties or banquets.

In this case, you might want to settle for a small tiara so it won’t draw too much attention. This is a subtle way of putting glitter to your overall formal wear without looking too tacky.

Casual halo tiaras

You can opt for a halo tiara if you are tired of wearing the regular, princess-type one. Halo tiaras may be the round ones like an angel’s halo that you put on top of your head or a semi-circle that starts from both sides of your temples, joining at the back of your head.

Whatever the style, halo tiaras project a fresh, feminine look. It can also transform into a bohemian style tiara depending on the type of materials used.

This type of tiara can also function as a flower crown appropriate during the spring or summer months where outdoor festivals are the flavor of the month. This flowery tiara will go well with your light and casual clothes.

Outdoor laurel-style tiaras

Laurel-style tiaras are just a semi-halo tiara. Greek goddesses are the inspiration for this type. This is equally elegant but is more appropriate for more casual events. Usually, leaf-like designs are used on these tiaras. This is the less popular type but it can still be worn in combination with simple and minimalist attire.

Tiaras are not your usual accessory but it can work for your outfit if you know how to choose the right type, size, and design. Wearing a tiara is one way of veering away from the usual fashion accessory especially if you want to make a statement.