Fashion designers say that in 2017, women will continue to demonstrate their individuality through jewelry and accessories.  Designers will stress a woman’s uniqueness and so jewelry pieces will help bring out this individuality.

This is a compilation of various designers’ forecasts for next year.  While they have varied ideas of what’s going to trend next year, there are common denominators that certainly stand out.  These are the use of metals, textiles, leather as well as silver, gold, and subtle hues.

From their perspective, here’s what’s in store next year.

Bracelets, rings, and necklaces

Bracelets will be chiefly made with leather and silver with a touch of antiquity.  Indian, Turkish, and Greek patterns and weavings will be in.  Handmade ones will most likely be in the spotlight.

Rings will be showcased in a variety of designs but gold toned ones with stones and crystals will surface.  The design will focus on geometric shapes that are big and unusual.  Four-finger rings will still be in.  Retro styles that are adaptable to all occasions will always be popular.

Pendants worn will be the bright and cheery ones partnered with rare chains and beading.

Bulky necklaces combined with metal and glass accessories will be in style as well as dark-colored thin necklaces and 90s era chokers with stones and crystals will be a favorite.  Necklace collars will come in metals combined with leather and special fabrics.

Boho style one more time

The boho style may be the relevant image come winter.  Large and heavy necklaces can be worn with classic and simple knitted sweater.

Rings will not escape the boho style.  Big rings with animal designs and boho hues will also be in style.  The color of blue, red, and silver will come out.

Costume jewelry will consist of metal combined with textile and threads that will bring out the look of ethnicity.

Headbands will be adorned with flowers, ribbons, and chains achieving the boho look.

Other design revelations

The floral motif which surfaced this 2016 will transcend to 2017.  Flowers mounted on laces and chains will be made of leather as well as textile.

For the more adventurous ones, high gloves can be worn with huge rings.  Pick gloves that are clear and made of chiffon.

Traditional materials namely wood, gems, metals and even feathers will be in.  This will be used with asymmetric jewelry.

Colors of 2017

While metal-finish accessories will be popular, muted colors will be emphasized.  Matte colors in ash, mint, and orchid will be popular as it exudes the “industrial” feel.

Accessories will be heavy on embellishments amid saturated colors.

Armory feel on accessory designs will also shine so again, the metal finish will be used extensively to demonstrate this.  Silver, bleached gold, aged bronze or chrome colors will also be employed to achieve the armory look with a dash of antiquity.

Complete your wardrobe by wearing trendy and classic accessories.  Remember that clothes make a man but great accessories punctuate it!