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Wide array of fashionable jewellery and accessories.
Whatever the season or event, we have accessories that will perfectly enhance any of your outfit from casual to formal wear.

Your All-Around Fashion Jewellery Shop

East Beach Designs has a wide array of fashionable jewellery and accessories. Whatever the season or event, we have accessories that will perfectly enhance any of your outfit from casual to formal wear.  We also accept bulk orders for custom-made accessories.  Get in touch with us through this site now!

How to Wear Jewellery and Accessories With Flair

Whether you are going out on a date or attending a client meeting, wearing jewellery shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Your outfit may by stunning but jewellery, even the simplest ones, will definitely complete the equation.  Find out how to wear jewellery and accessories with the right flair on any occasion.

Not too much or too little

One advice that never fails is to always view yourself in the mirror before going out and take off a piece of jewellery.  A famous icon in the fashion industry has said this time and again, emphasizing that wearing too much accessory can be a mortal sin.  While you may have family heirlooms that you will want to wear every day for sentimental reasons, it doesn’t justify wearing it with every wardrobe.

Wearing too little or no jewellery at all is also a fashion no-no.  Your age, the type of work you do, or your simple laid-back lifestyle aren’t excuses for not experimenting or having fun with jewellery.

Choose colors that enhance your skin tone

While it’s important to match your jewellery with your wardrobe, do you know that the colour or type of jewellery you wear does have an impact on your skin tone?

Experiment with jewellery colours.  Whether it’s gold, rose gold, silver, sapphire, turquoise, or emerald, each of these will have a different effect on your skin tone.  Choose the colour that enhances your skin.

A lot of older women, prefer to wear silver metal jewellery but on the overall, gold toned pieces are versatile and certainly enhances almost any skin tone.

Wearing jewellery to enhance your wardrobe can be a challenge. These tips will help you hurdle it with flair.

Consider your body shape

One strategy that works is to consider the shape of your body and use jewellery to your advantage.  This means, wearing jewellery to keep the beholder’s eyes focused on areas you want to emphasize or understate.  It also means choosing the right jewellery size that will look good based on your features.

Necklaces are flattering.  Make sure though that you experiment with the length.  The objective here is not to make your neck appear shorter.

A pair of earrings is another set of jewelry that’s divine to look at.  Consider the size of the stud you are wearing and ensure your ears don’t drown in them.  It is alright to wear a bigger pair but never wear one when you are attending a meeting with a client.  The reason behind this is that he will tend to focus on your jewellery instead of in your eyes and what you have to say.  You might have a hard time getting your proposition across.

A cuff-style bracelet is also a good fashion statement and it goes well with a shift dress.  Again, be smart enough to know when a cuff is good for you or not.  If it appears to cut the length of your arm, just drop it.

Picking The Right Wedding Jewellery

Your wedding can be one of the biggest events in your life, so you want to make it as memorable and exciting as possible. When it comes to preparing for this big event, there are so many things you have to consider, including your wedding photographer, your dress, the venue, your wedding cake and so much more, which can leave you feeling quite overwhelmed. It is completely normal, do not fret.

For many brides, one of the last, yet essential things to consider is picking the right wedding jewellery. The right wedding jewellery does not only have to go with the dress but it should also match your ring. If you are unsure, here are some tips to select the best wedding jewellery that will make your special day more memorable.

Keep in Mind that Less is More. There is no doubt to say that accessories can add a unique touch to your overall look but too many can actually be over the top, especially with a gown full of embellishments. Before buying a wedding jewellery, take a closer look of the feature of your gown and base your choices around them. It is also a wise idea to avoid designs that mimic closely your gown’s embellishments.

Match the Metals to your Dress. Deciding the colour and the metal can be quite tricky. In this case, let your gown colour guide your choice. For white gowns, silver or platinum pieces look the prettiest. If your dress is ivory, a gold ring can best emphasise the creamy shade. For champagne-coloured gowns, gold jewellery will be able to compliment the warm tones. However, if you want to put together a vintage appearance, burnished silver with rhinestones works great. For blush gowns, rose gold is a perfect match.

Do not lose yourself. When it comes to picking the right wedding jewellery, the most essential thing to bear in mind is to dress for you. Make sure that you choose a perfect jewellery that shows off your personality and matches your style. Remember that it is your day, so you should feel beautiful and comfortable. Sometimes, just a simple necklace can go a very long way to making you look stunning.

Picking the right pieces for your big day should always be a reflection of you. If you find the right wedding accessories you are happy about, then you will feel great and confident.

Moreover, it is vital to find the style of wedding ring that matches your style, so your later picks of jewellery and dress will all come together. If you are looking for great wedding rings that will reveal your unique beauty and personality, go to The site offers a huge range of elegant jewellery that will make your wedding day more memorable.

When it comes to picking the right jewellery for the most special day of your life, the primary goal should be to look like the most beautiful and the best version of your regular self. Choosing the right accessories that matches your style and taste can certainly enhance your beauty.